Conlee-Garrett Moving & Storage

Moving Tips


with A Little advanced planning moving day can be as stress-free as possible when you choose conlee-Garrett moving

De-clutter, sell, donate or recycle

  • De-clutter and purge unwanted items beforehand

  • Hold a garage sale

  • Donate items to charity or thrift stores

Pack an overnight bag 

Pack an overnight bag with items you may need immediate access to such as: extra clothing, medicine, keys or wallet. This helps prevent these important items from being packed away in a box during the packing process.

If you have children, separate cherished toys to travel with you.

Address Change

  • Start making up your change of address list

  • Arrange to have mail forwarded

  • Check all electrical goods work in your new home

  • Arrange termination date for electricity, gas, oil, telephone and other main suppliers

Arrange your finances

Close or transfer bank accounts, savings accounts and so on, if necessary

personal documentation 

  • Round up personal documentation – marriage/birth certificates, driving licenses, etc.

  • Keep passports separate so they are not packed

  • If you have pets, make sure vaccinations and documentation are up to date

Provide contact information

Be sure to supply your Conlee-Garrett Moving & Storage mover with a contact phone number where you can be reached, should you get separated or delayed.

Any changes

Notify Conlee-Garrett Moving & Storage if you add or subtract items from your planned move, if there are any changes in dates or extra stops required to pick up or deliver goods.

Packing Tips


packing yourself

Decide on how much or how little packing you want to do yourself

Pack as much or as little as you prefer. With advanced notice, Conlee-Garrett Moving & Storage can help with the whole job, or any part of the packing job.

If you are doing your own packing

If you are doing your own packing, make sure everything is ready to go before moving day to save time and eliminate cost.

Pack a couple of cartons a day, starting well ahead of the move.

De-clutter and purge 

De-clutter and purge unwanted items before hand.

Pack as much or as little as you prefer

With advanced notice, Conlee-Garrett Moving & Storage can help with the whole job, or any part of the packing job.

Pack room by Room

Pack one room at a time. This will help you when it comes time to unpack.


Pack heavier items in smaller boxes to prevent overloading the box. 

pack plates Vertically

When packing plates, it is best to lay the plates vertically rather than horizontally. This distributes the weight evenly in the box. If packed horizontally, all the weight from the top plates rests on the bottom plate, increasing the likelihood of the bottom plates to break.

For items going to multiple destinations 

If you have items going to multiple destinations (storage & home), mark each item with colored tape to designate the items location. This will help save time during the loading/unloading process and prevent additional fees from being incurred. Examples: Green tape-House; Blue tape-Storage.

Note extra-fragile items

Make note of any extra-fragile items needing special attention.

MARK items you do not want moved

Mark clearly any items you do not want moved. Ideally, if possible, group those items in a separate location.

pad fragile items securely

If you plan to pack yourself, remember to make sure to pad fragile items securely to prevent breakage. Packing paper, bubble wrap or even extra towels/sheets are great padding.

mark all packed boxes

Clearly mark all packed boxes with the contents and room location for your new home. Mark the boxes on the side(s) to make it easy to identity the contents and provide direction to the moving team on where the boxes need to be placed in your new location.

Examples: Kitchen-Coffee Pot; Master Bathroom-Toilet paper/Bath mats; Jane’s Bedroom-Stuffed animals

close boxes properly 

Make sure that all boxes are closed properly with tape. Open top boxes take up more space and prevent proper stacking/loading on the truck that may result in additional fees. Boxes that are not closed and taped up properly may crush causing damage to your items. Be sure to load boxes fully for efficiency and so they don’t collapse on themselves when stacked.

Never pack flammable items or restricted items

Never pack flammable items or restricted items. Ask Conlee-Garrett Moving & Storage for a list of restricted items.

CAUTION: Flammable liquids and aerosol cans must not be packed. Changes in temperature and pressure can cause them to leak, or even explode. For your own protection, you should know that if you pack these items and they cause damage to your shipment or others, you, not your mover, may be held liable.